Porcupine Tree in the Studio!

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    Similar bands to Porcupine Tree: Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Opeth's Damnation, Radiohead. But really they are in a genre of their own.

    Songs to check out: 'Blackest Eyes', 'Trains', 'Wedding Nails', 'Hatesong'
    If you like stuff that isn't as heavy with great acoustic parts and awesome melodic guitar solos and singing this is a band you should try!

    Great news everyone:

    From the official website: PT in the Studio 03-25-2004
    Porcupine Tree are now in the studio working on their next full length album, their second for Lava Records and Warner Music worldwide.

    The as-yet untitled album will have everything from long pieces such as the 10 minute plus "Arriving Somewhere But Not Here," to shorter songs such as "Shallow" that will hopefully continue the postive foundation that "Blackest Eyes" created for the band at radio. As with previous PT albums, there will be a diversity of styles and dynamics but overall the direction is more rock than metal this time. Sessions are scheduled to finish by early June, with a worldwide release date planned for September (not the staggered release that In Absentia received). A major tour will follow.

    Steven wrote much of material on his own as usual, but for the first time several songs were also written during collective band writing sessions. Most of the songs are lyrically based on a movie script that SW wrote with Mike Bennion that has been described as a "surreal ghost story."

    SW: We've got about seventeen or eighteen new songs to cut, probably the most material we've ever had ready to record, probably well over two albums worth of stuff - that's not to say there's going to be two albums or a double CD, we're going to cream off the best for a single CD. So I am very excited about that. Then there's a movie script that all of the songs are based on, which I wrote last year with my director friend Mike Benyon, so there's a movie that we're going to try and get made as well, although I am under no illusions abut how difficult it is to get a movie made in today's climate.

    The album is not going to attempt to tell the story of the movie, because one thing I am really not fond of his concept or narrative-style albums, but I do like albums which have a theme which runs through them. But the songs will all relate to elements and themes within the movie.

    SW: "This year is very much about Porcupine Tree because there's a new album to make and then all the touring and promotion attendant to that, so I am thinking that this year is pretty much wall-to-wall Tree."

    Personally, I'm really excited about this release! In Absentia was awesome but didn't have any of the sprawling 10-minute songs that they usually have. This album will surely be amazing as they seem to get better and better after every album! The tour will be awesome. To bad I didn't see them and Opeth last summer (that was before I knew about either of them) so I hope they tour with a band of nearly the same calibre and tour North America again! I hope that they will be able to break through in the US with this new album!

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