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    SamohtCela The Only Thing That's Worse Than One is None

    Jul 22, 2010
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    I thought I'd post this on here so hear your feedback. This is song I'm working on with my friend. It tells a story about this graphic novel my friends are working on at the moment. It's about a man who gets a virus that turns him into a plauge and infects other people.

    1st Verse:
    He walks alone on a lonely night
    He stands alone with blood in his eyes
    He tries to hide all his pain inside
    He's left alone inside his broken home

    As he wastes away, His soul will never change
    What he will do tonight is put the plauge inside
    He cannot feel the pain but he's been put to shame
    What will we do tonight if he can never die?

    2nd Verse:
    He's trapped inside all his pain inside
    He'll never know how long he has to go
    How will he try to survive tonight?
    Slowly he fades away, His life will never change

    Chorus repeat
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    SKaRR*oKi Everything.Falls.Apart

    Aug 2, 2010
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    I dont get the "What he will do tonight is put the plauge inside". I dunno whether its because you need to have read the book or whether i;m not reading it right, but it seems a bit clumsy. I like the rest of though :)

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