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    Meet Andrii and Vitalii - two seamen from different parts of the world, who were united by Linkin Park. At the beginning of Aug'17 we met each other on board the ship. One came from Odessa, another - from Vladivostok. Only a little time passed since Chester was gone, and the scars on soul still were new. We spent a lot of time talking about what happened and what the band should do. Only 10 days after our acquaintance, we gathered in the evening in one cabin with another our friend Dima. During conversation we played a little - Andrii used harmonica, Vitaly used guitar. At some point, spontaneously with no rehearsals, we played One More Light in memory of amazing person, who influenced our destinies. Dima shot this, and we've got a highly emotional video. We want to express with it our sincere love to Chester, Linkin Park and every-everybody, who, already during more than one year, forms a true family. Despite the grief united us, it is our chance to get better, become more empathic and attentive to the people around. Kep memories of Chester right in your hearts, and let them give you strength to move on.
    We called this cover a fireplace version because it is played spontaneously only on the guitar and harmonica, and the best place to present it would be nature in evening, when the tired company of friends is sitting ogether and listening to live music, diving into feeling of cosiness and light sadness.

    - Vitalii, Dima and Andrii

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