OML growing on me very much

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Nobody Can Shave Me Now, Jun 10, 2017.

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    It's sad to see so many people letting go of this band. This (to me) is my second favorite album by them. You're damn right its personal. I can relate to every single song, however, I don't have children so Invisible is for my mom who's dying and you can guess it...OML (the song). I think they did a fantastic job. I don't see it as lazy or unrefined. Its an album I will always hold close to my heart. I wont go into detail on how the other songs relate.

    Mike or any member if you're reading this, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I haven't personally related strongly to a song since The Messenger. I love you all! The fan base....... just everyone who's been compassionate about this band. It's sad others can't see it as I do.

    That's all I got. Thank you for reading.

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