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Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Xenogenesis, Apr 22, 2007.

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    Xenogenesis Well-Known Member

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    "Numb" from the sophomore album Meteora as the last track (13th), equivalent to 3 minutes and 7 seconds (5th longest track on the album and ties with Don't Stay) and 3rd single spawned from Meteora became a massive success according to the Modern Rock Track charts staying in #1 for 12 weeks (compare to songs like Faint that was only on there for 6 weeks) and Billboard Hot 100 at its peak in #11. It became the second most successful single from Linkin Park, only surpassed by In The End from Hybrid Theory.

    Alright, so we're all proud for this song. At least, some of us. Most of us agree that In The End is the most classical song brought out from Linkin Park and best represents their musical style, explained or unexplained indepths of how it became the 'signature' song of the band. Lets put that aside now; don't compare the two in here. It'll either be a tie or that In The End will most likely attract the most popular support in being the best work presented out to the public, but that's not the point of this thread.

    Rather, I was wondering why is Numb so incredibly successful? Do you think it deserves more recongition such as awards? Or less? There are some who says its a pop song, others that might say its an emo scene (but in a more 'good' way) or that it somehow just got attention from the media. Now don't flame at me for not knowing how it became a big hit, I'm one of the more younger fans who joined up late (2005 - 2006) so I wouldn't know the reaction of how us fans (old or new) react to Numb with its initial release. Thus I shall create a template for us all to fill out and try to draw out as much results and comments on the song. It might not be the most accurate or appropriate template to extract personal reviews; but meh. Lets give it a try.

    Favourite Song Part: What part of the song do you like the most? The instruments? The lyrics? That it sounds perhaps ever-yet-so-original or different?
    Relation(s)/Connection(s): How does the song relate to you? Does it explain something about you or an event that happened in the past or presently? Or perhaps send a powerful delievering message?
    Recongition(s): Does it deserve more or less recongition? Awards? Grammy? Do tell me.
    Opinion of Success: Your opinion of how Numb was successful.
    Rating: 1 the lowest and 10 the highesti
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    Louis Message me if you need to talk. We love you all. LPA Team

    Apr 17, 2005
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    Favorite Song Part:
    There are two parts about this song that I like. I really like Chester's voice in this song. It seems to sound so powerful during the Chorus and the Bridge, and when it builds up in the second verse (..And every second I waste is more than I can take). It gives me the chills every time. I also really like the drums in this song. They always appealed to me, for some reason.

    Relations / Connections:
    I can certainly say that I relate to this song. It starts from the first line. "I'm tired of being what you want me to be..." There have been numerous times where people have just wanted me to be something else, someone different from who I actually am. And it's irritating. Also, "Every step that I take is another mistake to you..." is another line that I can relate to. Certain people, such as my mother, seem to believe that everything I do can be considered a mistake of some sort. And I guess, the other line I really relate to is, "...All I want to do is be more like me and be less like you."

    I don't know if I would say that it deserves more recognition. It was pretty popular, and it was a pretty good track. Yeah, it was basically Pushing Me Away / Crawling, but still, it was a pretty good track. It has been well recognized, and Linkin Park and Jay-Z got a Grammy for Numb / Encore. I think it's been pretty well recognized.

    I really don't know what to say here. I'm glad it was successful? I'm glad it brought in some cash for the band? I dunno.

    I'd give it an 8.23/10.
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    lief92 Well-Known Member

    Apr 16, 2006
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    Favourite Song Part: I think that the chorus is my favourite part of the song, because it is so powerful.
    Relation(s)/Connection(s): I think that this song relates to most people, in that everyone has known someone who is disappointed in them.
    Recongition(s): I think that this song has gotten enough recognition, and that the "popular culture" should recognise other songs by Linkin Park, not just In the End and Numb.
    Opinion of Success: I believe that Numb was a great success, because I believe that it turned most of the LP fans today into LP fans that they are today.
    Rating: I rate it 8.5 our of 10.

    Also, I think you can answer that yourself by asking yourself the same questions.
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    semiHYBRIDITY Active Member

    Apr 14, 2007
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    Favourite Song Part:
    The intro, the crickety-thing part at the start.

    I felt that once, when I was in a stressful period of my life, but other than that it's got no relation to me. X)

    It's got more than enough fame.

    Opinion of Success:
    I guess it's a heavy song, but it also is kinda melodic, in a way. I guess it appealed to more people (compared to Don't Stay and Nobody's Listening, you should get what I mean). But I don't really like it much. It's kinda weird, the emo-ish way they sing it and the combination of heavy + melodic...

    7, I don't really like it much...
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    thefaceinside Member

    Apr 4, 2007
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    Favorite Song Part: I love the effects and the song track. it is very "linkin park"-ish with a more melodic sound, and it's catchy and original. it adds to the emotional feeling of the song, but it's also cool and fun to listen to.

    Relation(s)/Connection(s): i think everyone can relate to this song in their own way, and that's what's so great. sometime in your life you're likely to feel like you're being pressured to be something you're not, whether it be by your peers in general, or by a significant other. in my case i think i related to it most when i felt i was "stuck" under the control of one of my ex's i had dated for a long time, like he was changing me into a different person, and like i couldn't get out of his control. like i was "caught in the undertow"

    Recongition(s): Considering the originality of the track and the sound, i think it deserves recognition/awards. It's a beautiful song, and at the time not many people had ever heard something like it.

    Opinion of Success: This pretty much sums up everything I've said...it relates to mostly everyone in some way, and with the feeling of the song, the sound, etc., it really makes people feel good to listen to it. It's one of those songs people can hear over and over again and love it more every time.

    Rating: 8 ^_^
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    lparks41 Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2005
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    Numb is like the Linkin Park song. I think it really defines their sound a lot, I mean not perfectly like Papercut does, but Numb really represents them a lot...

    I believe Numb was the first song that came together during the Meteora writing process and I wouldn't be surprised if the band wrote it and put it all together in 5 minutes, because it's so them...you know?

    Numb is not really a pop song, but it became over used somewhere along the line, so I guess it eventually became that way. Numb was not only a music video, but also the theme song to promote Live In Texas, and became the signature song on the Collision Course mash up, hell they even used elements of this song when a member of the Beatles was on stage with them.

    Numb is a great song and one of the very best on Meteora and I can relate to it in many ways. It can be interpreted by the lines "I'm tired of being what you want me to be". This is obviously a reference or for me anyway, not being able to live up to your parents often high expectations. Or how that poor poor girl is treated in the music video, not being able to fit in with friends, focus in the classroom or get along with Mom.

    "Every step that I take is another mistake to you" People often only see the half empty side of your traits and will stop at nothing to point out your mistakes. The song is basically saying I don't want to be what you expect me to be, I just want to be myself and try to live my own life.

    Rating: 10
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    Luke Mind Your Manners. LPA Addicted VIP

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    Most successful LP single? No

    One of the most recognised LP songs? Yes
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    Top2Bottom Well-Known Member

    Mar 15, 2007
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    I loved this song from the first listen I had. And it wasn't until I found out later how deep breaking the habit was, that I realised numb wasn't the way above all else song on metora. LP said it took year and years to write BTH and only a few weeks in studio to write numb and I though "wow, numb is so much better and it only took weeks to write a classic". It stands on par with BTH. It is full of cliches and all that stuff but it has such a memorable melody that most people I know love or loved at some point.

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