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    Nuburo - Lieder (Original Album 2015)


    Nuburo - Lieder (Released November 20th 2015)

    1. Top Gun
    2. Ampersand
    3. Corrupt
    4. Waves Out In The Sea
    5. Just So You Know
    6. Zeta (Interlude)
    7. Wanted (ft. True Blue of Hide Your Eyes)
    8. Changed For You
    9. Yesterday
    10. The Darkest Day
    11. Slipping Away
    12. The Tenth Planet (Interlude)
    13. Choices
    14. Awaken (Interlude)
    15. Lullaby
    16. Wake Up & Start Again​

    Nuburo is back with their longest, most powerful album to date with "Lieder". Nuburo, a two-man, internet-based alternative duo (Leon Cox & Jolon Silk) released their debut album "Twelve" in 2011 before rapper Oisin McHugh joined the band and helped the duo become a trio. In 2012, they later worked on and released "Future Frozen", a pop-inspired album that changed the creative views of the band. 2013 saw the release of "Growth", a 7 track EP which was an accurate display of how the band has developed over the three years they had been active.

    Hi, I'm Jolon, and I'm very proud to present my latest album with Nuburo - Lieder. It's been in the making for a long time, and we're excited to have finally released it. It is currently available to purchase from BandCamp for a minimum of £8, and is available to stream for free. You can also stream the album on SoundCloud here.

    Any shares and reposts will be greatly appreciated, and I am also looking forward to any feedback you guys may have. Peace!

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