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    Jun 30, 2016
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    We are excited to share what we created!

    The drums were tracked in a trailer and the vocals were tracked in my tiny closet. Then everything was stacked on in my embarrassing tiny apartment. Then we traveled 4 hours to this place we've never been before, where temperatures were uncomfortably cold and the wind disturbed the camera movement. Oh ...and we drove to this place for the video the morning after the drummer's... night shift. He was up for a total of 24 hours. I had 3 hours of sleep after trying to do last minute scripting for the video. Why do I mention it? Because dreams come true through blood, sweat, and tears.

    We're nuts in the head. But we know what to dream.
    We hope people can enjoy what we made. This is our soul visually and musically, and if it can relate to other people's souls, that would be an honor.

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    Filip god break down the door LPA Contributor

    May 23, 2012
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    Imma be honest here.

    I like it, it's enjoyable enough. The drumming itself was great, but the way the drums sound is pretty weak. I realize bringing up the production quality is costly and time consuming, but, if you want a higher level of success, you'll just have to do it. The vocals were on point almost all the time, didn't really pay much attention to the lyrics honestly. The piano was my biggest problem with it, I like the melody well enough, but, it sounded muddy and eh. Also, there really wasn't a need for the song to be six minutes long, it could've been a bit more explosive in three or four. As for the video, would've been better if it had some night time shots at the end or whatever.

    This is just a bit of hopefully constructive criticism, overall, I like what you guys did, and hope you continue to do it. :)
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    Amarez Well-Known Member

    May 21, 2015
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    I believe higher level of success comes from doing live shows and laying down a solid concept of what's written and arranged. Production quality comes as we get more recognized, where we would actually have a legitimate and trained producer. Studio production is pretty challenging for us since we don't have 100% training and a team to help. The video is low budget and the camera man was untrained. It's a stepping stone. I appreciate the criticism. Honesty is always best. But what I think this boils down to is what the artist truly feels with what has been made and how certain types of people, not all, can relate; instead of getting too technical.

    I used to be really techinical and straight forward. But I have learned that is not what music is all about. There is music out there recorded on a cell phone and has touched people.

    I value your criticism. It makes me realize what future projects need to succeed on. I would get a trained camera man, and bring out the melodies clearer as much as I can.

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