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    This is my new song, called left, it isnt finished yet, i still need to write a couple more verses and i will look through these ones again and probably change a few things. Im also looking at making music for this on my guitar or keyboard. Please read it and tell me what you think so far, it is a rap song as apposed to slowly sung.


    I woke up one morning and realized my dad had left
    Asked mum where he was, said he was laid to rest
    I was eight years old and i cried in my bedroom all day
    Wondering why my dad had been taken away
    Never did a thing wrong in his life
    Not one small mistake he never stepped out of line

    Fifteen years old and I started moving on in life
    But there hadn’t been one day where he wasn’t on my mind
    Then one day I learned the truth and was crushed
    My father didn’t pass away he abandoned us
    I stared in disbelief all teary eyed
    Mum said I was too young she had to lie
    Said I loved him too much and was only 8
    How do you think I feel now with you lying to my face

    Why are you comforting me now mum
    Your no better, saying I didn’t have a father
    The way I see it now I don’t even have a mother

    For 7 years ive been lied to by my own flesh and blood
    Ive been living a lie this whole damn time
    She said lying to me was the hardest thing shes ever had to do
    But I couldn’t say that he didn’t love you

    Now that I know my dads alive
    I wanna know how hes getting by
    But when I think and turn back time
    He didn’t even care about his own child
    So why should I give a shit about him and his life

    I can remember all the times I spent alone with a cold shiver
    But I made it to fifteen without a father figure
    For seven years I had to do everything on my own
    Now I hear my daddys coming home
    Said he made a mistake and never should have left
    No point coming back now dad your only doing it for yourself
    You say your sorry and you made a big mistake
    But dad don’t you think it’s a little too late
    Dad puts his foot in the door and asks “where is he”
    Your sons left just like you did back in ‘93
    All the while im walking away now without a parent or guardian
    What id give just to be born again

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