My Top 100 Albums of All Time

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    So I have been dealing with a lot of health issues after two brain injuries last year which caused severe insomnia and caused me to not be careful with medication and cause myself serotonin syndrome. I've always had an idea in my head to rank my top 100 albums of all time and this is a project I wanted to do since 2019 and because I thought I might be dying I decided to finally do it.

    Disclaimer 1: I could have forgotten albums but I just re-watched the video before posting this and couldn't think of anything missed.

    Disclaimer 2: Some people make lists like these with only including 1 album per artist but I wanted to make an actual representation of my favorite albums so I allowed multiple albums per artist. I think the max an artist has is 4 albums on the list.

    Disclaimer 3: I didn't listen to the video before uploading it because I was afraid about death and just wanted to get the video out as soon as possible so the video is very, very bad. My mic cuts in and our like crazy. But the list is what is most important.

    Disclaimer 4: There is a very big bias toward all forms of rock and pop music but I do listen to all major genres except classical.

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