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    a few parts of works in progress.

    I see my love, burning in your eyes
    I see my trust, betrayed by your disguise
    I dont wanna listen to you
    coz you wont even hear me through

    when all the voices around you lie
    there's no where to escape to
    no way to get through
    all you can do is hide


    As the rain drops, it hits the ground
    the sound of the drops tear through me
    coz thats where ill be laying
    my body left decaying
    not much left of my body anyway
    not since you took it away

    i can't see the real answer anymore
    so my only answer is to be cut down to the core


    (This is a very quick rap, and it was actually a freestyle i made up very quickly)
    The hails the heart
    as the hail falls, it hits the ground
    it melts and whats left is the
    reflection of the darkness that we pretend is fake
    but you can't always have it your way
    coz it builds up to give it back
    but we end up getting stabbed in the back
    while the blood hits the ground
    and joins up with the bad past
    I just can't see
    with you in front of me
    you can't control me
    well at least you can try

    Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions with these and my other four songs.
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    don't do this

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    Jul 4, 2004
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    I like your poems and songs,they're somewhat on the same stuff I write on ^_^ .
    I suggest you could make a thread in which you could keep adding your work for us to marvel at ;)

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