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    Written About a Real Experience

    It should be a distant memory but,
    I remember everything,
    Most of all, my love for you,
    And everything in between
    Two years ago, I had to let you go,
    Even though my heart was screaming no,
    I did it for your happiness,
    Never gave a chance for us to grow,
    Unselfishly I gave you up,
    I had no words to say,
    And now I live with memories,
    Of what went down that fateful day,
    Never told you how I felt,
    I just let you float away,
    And now whats left is all my love,
    That's floating down in me,
    But this time I'm gonna let it out,
    And stop living in a doubt,
    Let you know just how I feel,
    And how all I said was real,
    My love for you is stronger now,
    More then it ever was back then,
    And even after all this time,
    I still love you in the end,
    But I see your face covered in tears,
    Surrounded by your fears,
    I wanna hold you near to me,
    To make up for all these years,
    I want to love and cherish you,
    And be with you until I die,
    I know despite how hard it gets,
    I'm always gonna try,
    Because when I have you in my arms,
    I feel me start to fly, I know
    Nothing could ever do me wrong,
    When you are with me by my side,
    Everything I've done,
    Has always came right back to you,
    So tell me before I go insane,
    Are we ever gonna change?
    You and me can be one again,
    All we have can rearrange,
    You can be my someone,
    For you and me have just begun.
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    blackpanther626 Active Member

    Jun 29, 2003
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    (w00t) wow that's really awsume, your really good @ writing poems.
    *~*marissa*~* a.k.a KiTtIe "meow" :teehee:

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