MEMBER guest, a new podcast with Phoenix from Linkin Park

Discussion in 'News' started by Kevin, Jan 15, 2018.

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    Linkin Park's Bassist, Dave (Phoenix) Farrell announced his new endeavor, a podcast project called Member Guest on his official Twitter this morning. The podcast features Phoenix, Mark Fiore and Brendan Steele as the hosts, along with new guests for every episode, and the podcast is labeled as being about Golf, Music and less important things.

    Episode 1 features M. Shadows (Matt Sanders) of Avenged Sevenfold. The guys talk about dealing with loss of friends and band members, golf, writing music and whatever else comes to mind during the 71 minute long conversation. To listen you can go to the official site, You can also listen to it on whatever podcast app of your choice, just search for "Member Guest" and you'll find it.

    Phoenix has asked all his followers to follow @memberguest on twitter as well as memberguestofficial on Instagram to keep up to date with the progress of the podcast.

    Will you be tuning in to listen to Phoenix's new podcast adventure? What did you think of the episode? Come and discuss in our forums.

    Source: Hybrid | Jesse via Phoenix Twitter
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    Hybrid Meow! This cat has claws! LPA Team

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    Seems quite interesting. I'm excited for Dave and I really hope this takes off!
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    Jesse Out of the abyss. LPA Über VIP

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    I listened to a bit of it and enjoyed what I heard but a toothache made me quit.
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    Finally got around to listening to this in the car earlier. It was good to hear Dave in good spirits. I skipped a bit of the golf stuff, but I really enjoyed the bit at the end. I've liked A7X since I was in high school when I first played Beast and the Harlot back on the old Guitar Hero games. I remember when The Rev died, and how hard that was for the rest of the guys in the band. It was really impacting to hear how Matt and the rest of the guys handled their own loss. The first thing I thought when I heard Shadows and Gates would be playing at the tribute concert was that they know what the guys in LP are feeling just as well as anyone, so hearing all of Matt's side of things was extremely comforting.

    I know Mike has made it known that he has every intention of carrying on with LP, but Dave alluded to that a few times as well when they were joking about their acid jazz phase lol. I just think that, grieving aside, the guys seem optimistic about the future. Of course, there's fear and pain involved in getting there, but they're warriors and keep taking all the right steps.

    Definitely looking forward to hearing the next podcast.

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