May 11, 2017 - Lima, Peru

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    What? I have to pad the post with SOMETHING

    This is the first performance for Linkin Park in Peru, so there is no history to talk about here. ..uhm.. let's just get to the recap of the Chile show!

    As we speculated about in the Argentina and Chile posts, Linkin Park played a longer setlist at their headlining show than the festival show. Upping the song selection to 25 instead instead of 22, making this a perfectly respectable set length. I know what you're thinking "what was added?!!!" well if you hang on I'll get to it. If you somehow managed to miss it, both Invisible and One More Light were played. And they also added Waiting for the End back in, scrapping the UNTIL IT BREAKS verse that has been used in the Apaches intro since 2012 and replacing it with Remember The Name. As for other modifications to the set from Argentina, The Catalyst is no longer the set opener, that role was taken over by Talking to Myself. A new song opening a Linkin Park concert is of course nothing new, Don't Stay opened the Meteora shows, Wake/Given Up and No More Sorrow opened shows on the Minutes to Midnight cycle (so did One Step Closer though..), Wretches and Kings opened shows on the A Thousand Suns cycle, and Guilty All the Same opened shows on the cycle for The Hunting Party. The only cycle that didn't feature a song from the new album (being played in full by the full band) as the opening song was LIVING THINGS. TINFOIL was used as the intro, but being played on the speakers of the venue with Mike adding some guitar over it from backstage, leading into Faint. ...well there you have some history of opening songs in their sets... I guess. How about we look at the videos of the two new songs being added into the headlining set now instead? Take a look below.

    Tonight is another headlining show and I do believe it's safe to say that all the songs that are gonna be debuted have been debuted now. I mean, there are only four more songs left on the album to play... save something new for the other tours. The question is if the band will keep playing around with the setlist. Will they switch the order around? Replace a song, maybe switch out Somewhere I Belong and put in Given Up? Throw a verse onto the bridge of Bleed It Out? Only time will tell (or someone from the band, come on just give tell us the setlist and all your secrets early!) and we will have to wait and see.

    Are you going to the show? Well... In an initiative to connect the fans of Linkin Park, we here on LPA made a meet up schedule, so if you want to meet some fellow LPA users before the show, the page for all the information and names of who are attending the show is right here. So make it known that you are attending the show, so you can meet some other awesome fans. Remember to tweet/facebook/instagram pictures to us (we're "LPAssociation" on all those sites) if you meet some other members.

    After this the band will play their last show on this small South American tour, taking them to Brazil :come2brazil:
    That will be on May 13.

    Are you going to this show? Do you think the band will play around with the setlist and make changes? Come and discuss in our forums.

    Remaining shows on this tour:
    May 13, 2017 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

    (Verse 1 Only; Vocoded)
    02. Talking To Myself
    03.Burn It Down
    04. The Catalyst
    05. Wastelands
    06. One Step Closer
    (2007 Intro)
    07. CASTLE OF GLASS (2017 Experience Version; w/ A Place for My Head Verse 1)
    08. Good Goodbye [Shortened] (Extended loop intro; Mike second verse)
    09. LOST IN THE ECHO [Shortened]
    10. Battle Symphony
    11. New Divide
    12. Invisible
    (Bonus Intro)
    13. Waiting for the End (Apaches Intro w/ Remember The Name; Wall of Noise Outro)
    14. Breaking the Habit (Sing along outro)
    15. One More Light
    16. Crawling
    (Piano version)
    17. Leave Out All The Rest [Extended] (2017 Live Version)
    18. Somewhere i Belong
    19. What I've Done
    [Extended] (Drone Intro, Extended bridge)
    20. In The End
    21. Faint
    (Extended Outro)
    22. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro + Outro)
    23. Heavy
    24. Papercut
    25. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ Sing-along; Ext.Ending)
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    The Joesen One

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    I think at this point Somewhere I Belong or Breaking the Habit can be swapped for another old song or a THP if we're being super duper optimistic.

    But I can't wait until :come2brazil:
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    The Free Element

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    It's crazy to say that, but I really hope they don't play other new songs tonight LOL
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    lovablepanda Well-Known Member

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    YAY Waiting for the End is back!
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    The Joesen One

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    I just realized that Phoenix plays rhythm guitar on Leave Out All the Rest all this time and there's no bass in the song. :uh:

    Also is this the first tour where they have a catwalk?
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    Dave has always played guitar on LOATR. Mike plays the bass notes on his keyboard.

    Regarding your second question, I think they had a catwalk on some previous tour, but don't quote me on that.
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    The Joesen One

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    Also I realized that Joe is completely absent from LOATR. :lol:

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