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    I thought that I had to post my friend's poems. They are great. 'Suicide' is probably my favourite. He was 14 when he wrote these.



    Great warriors amongst us, they stand strong and tall
    They destroy the evil, inside us all
    But what will happen, if the warriors should fall
    Will we fall in to torment, and let evil bestow

    We fight it inside, the hate that drives us
    If it weren't for hope, Death would thrive us
    We live for those we love; to lose them will destroy us
    Keep strong your faith, and keep on walking
    Down the path that crumbles before us

    Light shines upon us all, even those who still fall
    Darkness is but a knife in us all, it goes deeper until it destroys
    The good in a person, it destroys it all


    Hope was given, to those who can
    Hold on to it, with both their hands
    It keeps them happy, gives them a dream
    Keeps those with nothing on the ground
    Hope is but a soothing sound

    It is just an exit, an escape from reality
    Which we all have to face, whether it be
    An inevitable fact, attached to me
    Hope though to he, it means nothing to me

    Take my hand and you will see
    The periless journey that awaits thee
    One can not just sit and hope
    They must walk out and take a stand
    Take matters into their hands

    Hope given to he, is destroying me


    Death is swift and quick
    One day you're alive the next your dead
    You don't feel it, like a bullet to the head

    You wish for life, but you met a knife
    It cut you with ease, blood all over your sleeves
    You couldn't breath, and you couldn't believe
    That it would end like this, your life now amidst

    You look for an escape, to escape,
    The inevitable fact, you’re dead and that’s that
    You will be remembered, through young and old
    Your story, stays untold, you stabbed yourself that night, Once, Twice, Third

    And now you lie in darkness, never to be heard


    Pick up the knife and put it to your head
    It doesn't matter, you’re already dead
    The voices in you head, do they call
    Do they tell you when to stand and fall?

    They hurt you and tease you
    But all you can do is scream and shout
    But no ones listening when you’re about,
    To leap a leap of faith, off the bridge to your watery fate

    You cry and cry, but why?
    Just destroy them all and end their life
    Why should you suffer, when they should pay
    Grab your gun and don't dismay
    Let’s go play, and make the pay

    Shoot them all, Shoot them all dead,
    Because you'll be laughing tonight in bed.


    Lost by war
    Our friends no more
    Taken by death
    Without a last breath

    Shells once dropped, that booming sound
    And now they lay upon the ground
    In lands a distant, thou unsure
    Who will rescue you when u will surely fall?

    Death quick and grim, left lying with this hymn
    We fought, we died and now we rest
    To leave this world, our home. Our nest
    Watching from above, I will watch you
    Look at me from the ground; leave me but only a sound

    You’ll find us here upon the clouds; heavens welcome you we call out loud


    Life is a beautiful thing
    You laugh you cry and in the end you die
    But you always know, people are there for you
    Whether they be friends or foe, They won't let you go

    Life has its ups and downs, its smiles its frowns
    But it's like a train, which takes you to your destination
    Your home, your incarnation.
    Life is unpredictable; you never know what’s next
    When you’re spinning round in circles, with water up to your neck.

    But in the end, Life is like a curvy bend, whatever is damaged, always mends
    Once you get past the turns, the straight road adjourns
    And you will see, Life isn’t that bad, even when you’re sad.
    Though it has been rough, I know you’re tough

    You'll get through it fine, you'll see, It’s just another vine

    And you happen to intertwine


    Stunned by his own fear, he lies on the ground with a single tear
    Why did this happen? Why is he here?
    Stunned on the ground, not able to make a sound
    He cries inside, with broken lies

    He saw what was, and what is
    The pain of the planet, suffering within
    The tears of people, dying like him
    Why did he have to see? Why the planet cries here

    The world is corrupt, with death in its ear
    People so cruel, they destroy him to
    To let people live, in torment, those fools
    Look what humans have done, we are there tools

    We have betrayed what we live for
    Peace and Justice, all lies in the world’s lust.
    Give me strength to live through this pain
    For what I have seen I can't restrain.
    The anger that fuels me, unleashed inside

    But I mustn’t
    To be like them, to hurt other people will make me cry.
    To see them in pain, I would surely die.

    Stunned by fear, a single tear.

    Fade Away

    When those you love disappear
    You can't help but shed a tear
    They fade away, like a train down a railway.
    You chase them, but still they seem.
    To fade away, just like steam.

    No matter how much you try, they still just pass you by,
    They are gone, there’s nothing you can do,
    To bring them back, to be with you.
    Just look forward, at what’s in front of you.
    The past is gone, no time to mourn.
    Look to what the future holds, for this world and for you all.

    Let things go, they just hold you back.
    Your feelings, your memories you see.
    Let them rest and let them be.
    If you don't let them fade you'll never sleep.

    Let them fade and let them be.

    To be Forgotten (Excido)

    To be forgotten, a terrible fate
    To see the ones you love, dissipate
    They look at you with dead eyes
    Those you once knew, now despise

    You pull them back, with a grope
    Wanting them to remember you, only a fool’s hope
    They have forgotten you, and all is that you,
    Once existed in this world untrue

    To be forgotten, a terrible fate
    To destroy the memory that is left to date
    To erase you from existence
    To play god, and keep your distance

    You are but a memory, forgotten is what you'll always be.

    Our Fear

    Our fear makes us all different
    Some less persistent
    To fear death is but normal
    And when you dying its uncontrollable.

    The fear of love is a terrible thing
    To not have loved to hear bells ring
    And then when someone loves you, you snap and then,
    You jump off a bridge and that is the end

    Fear consumes us all,
    We listen to our fear and then we fall
    Into darkness without a light,
    To show us the way, out of fright.
    Fear clouds our thought,
    To make us weary when distraught.

    Fear is what kills us,
    Fear is what drives us,
    Fear is what causes us,
    To lose control,
    And makes us fall,

    Fear consumes us all.

    Heroes yet to be

    Silence lingered in the air
    All they could do was stare
    Just a gunshot, a sigh of relief
    But only sadness only grief

    Heroes yet to be, yet they are nothing to me
    To full of pride, To cocky to thee
    They saved a few men, from the enemy den
    But when they are in need, who will indeed
    Save them from doom, their eternal tomb

    Now they lie unknown to all
    Never to rest, but only to fall
    Into darkness the tumble
    Their own empire beginning to crumble

    Heroes yet to be, yet they are nothing to me

    Lost Love

    My heart swims in tears
    Tears of words long lost
    Come back to me
    And hold onto my heart

    I look into the moon-filled lake
    Trying to hold back.
    The tears in my eyes.
    The memories of you
    In the night skies

    I tremble and cry
    Under the moonlit sky
    I dream of being
    With you once more

    My love ran
    Like a river of stars
    And the love you gave
    Will live on forever
    In the light of my heart

    I couldn't help but cry
    And look into your eyes
    They caught me in a golden net
    But like a firing surprise
    You set me free
    And walked on by

    I loved you with all my soul
    And you held onto me till times now old
    I love you though I never told
    You will always be remembered
    Through those you hold.

    The Nicest Person

    Along those lines in which i keep
    My morals I have, and the values I meet
    To clean up a mess, when it isn't your fault
    To live a life in a peaceful time,
    To pick someone up, when they lay on the ground
    The ability to use it, we fail to see
    The nicest person that is me
    To treat everyone with love and respect
    And help them, when they need help
    Lend a hand, when you can
    Don't be afraid to do a good deed
    For you shall be rewarded with a key
    A key to the people that you love most
    Access to their heart, for ever more
    Why are people criticized?
    For their kindness and serenity?
    For they are the ones who help the sick and feed the poor
    The ones who pick you, off the floor
    The ones that hug you when you’re sad
    And the ones that calm you when you’re mad,
    If it weren't for them where would we be?
    Lying in a gutter, trying to see,
    What we did wrong, in our lives
    The pointless greed and unnecessary desire
    We ruined ourselves, and now we wonder
    What would have become of us if we were all?
    Like those nice people, who we all see and take for granted,
    Life is a maze full of curves and bends
    We are all people, who make mistakes
    Hopefully soon, we will all realize
    What we are doing with our lives
    Turn them around and finally see
    The nicest person is within us all,
    But we need to release it.

    The Itch

    There's always that itch, that doesn't go away
    No matter how much you scratch, the pain stays
    Leaving permanent scars, an endless reign
    The itch that eventually dries you insane
    To leave unattended to, and ignore it completely
    Will stop the pain and leave you be
    but to scratch, is purely satisfactory
    You tear away at the breaking bubble
    But one to many, will cause you trouble
    The itch it burns, yearning to be released
    But those who leave it are strong indeed
    To ignore the pain, burning inside them
    To scream on the inside and not defy them
    The itch it stands tall, in almost all
    But the burning itch will eventually fall.


    People in doubt
    Unsure of their reason
    Pushing aside
    The ones that leave them
    To write and speak
    A great gift it be
    But when no one believes you
    It easy to see
    The jealousy inside them
    Manipulating their mind
    The enigmatic question
    Plaguing man kind
    In the end it doesn't matter
    What they think
    Just be true to yourself
    And there will never be
    A bleak moment in your poetic history

    Ash - Written in a time period of a few mintutes over MSN Messenger

    Ashleigh Power
    A friend he be
    A friend with doubt
    About me
    My poems are real
    He fails to see
    I write them because I can
    He flames me and throws a hand
    A punch of doubt
    A punch of grief
    Placing his sword back in his sheath
    Is it that hard to see?
    That maybe he is the shallow one
    Who doesn't believe me


    Trapped and caught
    Scared and Frightened
    The silence eats at you, in you solitary confinement
    The darkness grows, and leaves you heartless
    Drives people insane, and leaves no survivors
    You can hardly breath, tied up by chain
    The accumulated paranoia, that’s its game
    To make you crack, and make you cry
    To make you scream
    in the darkness of the night sky

    Only second best

    The pain of being,
    In another persons shadow
    Always one step behind them
    It never heals, burning inside
    The pain it steals, and leaves its victim
    Severed and deprived
    Searching for what pride they have left
    And trying to rise up
    Above the rest
    Above the ones who called them small
    Insignificant to us all
    To make them sorry
    You don't know what its like to be second best
    To fall behind the crowd and become less
    Not even known by the ones who love you most
    Because you’re only second best
    You’re lower than the rest
    You are ignored and flamed
    For your talent is shamed
    Crying and hurt
    In the corner you lie
    Faces stare at you, sickened by your fate
    But you can't just cry
    Or fall down and die
    Take the torch of fame and fortune
    Give it your all
    And try your best
    Who knows you might just
    One day be better than the rest


    The melody passes by your ear
    The soothing sound
    That takes away all you fear
    It holds and comforts you
    It sends warmth to your heart
    And keeps hope running through
    A beautiful melody
    A song of peace and harmony
    A lullaby for a raging beast
    It floats passed the winds of old
    Singing forever in a world so cold
    It sooths the planet and stops it moaning
    Puts to sleep the uncontrollable loathing
    Ringing in your ears like church bells
    It makes you cry and makes you laugh
    More beautiful than anything else
    It is the melody we sing
    And never even know it
    It’s the air we breathe
    The rushing river
    The glowing sunset
    Among the dark
    It’s the love you felt
    The pain you dealt
    The graceful eagle flying about
    It is everywhere and you don't know it
    The melody is life itself
    The ever flowing cycle
    Of space and time
    Never knowing when it will stop
    Trying to find
    Its final resting place among the sky

    The Moon

    Silent is that
    The moon in the night
    Shining with fire
    Eternally birhgt
    Filled with tales of heroes old
    Craters deep
    With ground so cold
    Forever it stays up so high
    Until it falls
    Down from the sky

    Frozen Regret

    There he sits
    Cloaked and Alone
    Covering up
    Because hes cold
    To hide his past
    His shameful song
    Alone his sits
    In the corner
    The silence brutaly cold
    Cursed by men
    Young and Old
    Enigmatic feelings
    Now show bold
    He is lost
    In this life and the next
    Running from the pain
    Which snapped his neck
    And now the man is old
    Forever to live
    Eternally cold

    The Raven Flies

    The Raven flies
    Through the lands
    Watching over the dark
    Through valleys and mountains
    Leaving its Mark
    Spreading out its wings and
    Releasing a shriek
    Sent as a warning
    To those long deceased
    It keeps and ear out
    For the eerie silence
    Wating for it to happen
    Perched on his branch
    Awaiting the moment
    When evil is released
    To once again
    Reign chaos
    Over the land


    It must come to be
    Never again will you see
    Stumbling around
    Falling down
    Onto the ground
    Trying to get up
    And being pushed down
    It is you who has denied
    And you who never cried
    Now when are blind
    You can't seem to find
    The purpose of it all
    Why is it true?
    The darkness spreading
    In your mind
    Light you once saw
    dissappearing forever
    You are now blind
    And you will never
    See again

    A Dream of Hope

    Dreams are what we hold onto
    What we grasp tightly
    They give us hope for the future
    A wayward fantasie
    Which gives us power
    To follow the path
    But when we lose faith in our dreams
    They crumble before us
    That is why, you can't let go
    Do not let the fire burn too low
    Trust your heart
    And believe in yourself
    The dream is but a rope
    Do not give up
    Do not lose hope
    Keep trying
    And climb up high
    Release your dreams
    Out into the sky
    It's your ambition
    And no one else
    Can take that from you
    Your burning torch
    Your love and hate
    Have faith in your dream
    And the courage to fufill it
    Step up amongst the doubtful
    Show them hope
    And give them a dream
    To be strong and join the team
    The passion it gives us
    Makes us truly gleam

    The Last Rose

    As a rose in the winter stands
    Fighting against the viscious winds
    Its crimson petals glowing
    Amongst the field of endless snow
    The Rose is all thats left
    Of the thousands rubies that once were
    Standing by itself, taking its final pose
    Making a stand, trying to hold on
    To the harmony it had
    The peace it lost
    When the spring came and summer went
    It was abandoned
    One by one the others left
    Leaving the rose and going to rest
    As tragic as it may be
    This soul has had its fun and glee
    The worst of the blizzard
    It has yet to see
    Not long will it stand
    Out in the bitter storm
    Its heart still burning
    But its body cold
    It is the dim fire, The burnt out light
    It is the Last Rose
    And this is its last fight


    He has more poems now but I haven't recieved them from him yet. Give feedback :)

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