Lupe Fiasco - Drogas Light (2017)

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    After many rumors of retirements, cancelled albums and weird-as-shit stuff, Lupe Fiasco has released Drogas Light, the first in a trilogy (Drogas and Skulls) that'll supposedly be his last album. It's his first record after Tetsuo & Youth signified the end of his contract with Atlantic, with the album released under 1st&15 and Thirsty Tigers. Lupe described it as a refinement of Lasers, and it's pretty clear here cuz he sounds like he's having fun. He described it as bunch of leftovers with a few new songs, with it mainly serving as a prequel of Drogas. The album has received mixed reviews, however, with even Lupe himself giving it a 7/10. It's out now in stores and Spotify, with a full stream available through Billboard. What do you guys think?

    1. Dopamine Lit (Intro)
    2. NGL (feat. Ty Dolla Sign)
    3. Promise
    4. Made in the U.S.A. (feat. Bianca Sings)
    5. Jump (feat. Gizzle)
    6. City of the Year (feat. Rondo)
    7. High (Interlude) (feat. Simon Sayz)
    8. Tranquillo (feat. Big K.R.I.T. and Rick Ross)
    9. Kill (feat. Ty Dolla Sign and Victoria Monet)
    10. Law (feat. Simon Sayz)
    11. Pick Up the Phone (feat. Eric Turner)
    12. It's Not Design (feat. Salim)
    13. Wild Child (feat. Jake Torrey)
    14. More Than My Heart (feat. Rxmn & Salim)​

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    Forgettable throwaway album. Waiting for SKULLS/Drogas Deep

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