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Discussion in 'On Stage' started by Nobody Can Shave Me Now, Feb 4, 2011.

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    So ill direct you to my channel if you care to check out my experience at the LPU Summit.


    I tried to get more video but it was so hectic. There was a lot of waiting around and it was a little disorganized but the fact that they took their time for us was amazing. Shaking Mike Shinodas hand was quite the experience. Before the band even showed on the stage, we all were getting a backstage tour and I glanced up to see Joe Hahn slowly peeking his head out of the door. Nobody even noticed him but me, my buddy, and some other guy. He started chewing some food and than slowly went back into the door. :ninja:It was fucking funny.

    Their bodyguard is scary.

    Joe doesnt care for the meet and greets.

    Mike loves them.

    Brad isnt as tall as he seems in the videos.

    Rob was very soft spoken but quick to answer questions.

    Also the backstage smelt like bologna. Disgusting...

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