LP's aftershow marketing a bit [REDACTED]? Why is DVD the maximum??

Discussion in 'On Stage' started by PeterG, Nov 20, 2014.

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    Nov 15, 2014
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    Hi guys,

    So after being greatly energized per my recent LP live show visit, I took a determined survey on the net for what I had been interested in at least for 5 last years, but did not pay much attention to.. and got rather much dissapointed.

    Why LP's publisher releases their selected live shows only on DVD for 99%, and only BD recording per my best effort to learn about was that Miltion Keynes stuff, available even only at US Amazon, and not UK one ?? (I don't watch other sites in this branch). HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?? Today in 2014, when there is almost a 10th BD anniversary to come soon? I would definitely welcome the beauty of their latest show even on my HD home-setup... and don't think I'm the only one with this demand.

    So far I have only Live in Texas full DVD+CD set, which is so authentic, and don't consider bying anything else what's not BD. I'm not LPU member, even not that much into their legend like being knowledgeable about all the remixes and special releases, as I'm comfortably happy to know about studio albums and songs on them, and have just recently set up all the notifications I could as I want to keep up with news at least. That 4K GER streaming was nice to know, but simply a joke yet to happen if this Berlin show ends up again on DVD, OMG :-D

    So dear LPU+LPA friends, bomb their inbox with demand for next BD release , and you will definitely make people like me especially happy for long time :popcorn: :cool:

    Thank you for your aggregated voice, have a nice day
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