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    Years ago I had an idea: Linkin Park Transcripts.

    Transcripts of every recorded live show the band had ever done, that was 100% accurate.
    Meaning we’d have the exact wording of a band member of what they say at concerts so in order to settle arguments about rather a band announced a new song, says what a song is about, etc.. I transcribed about 40 shows and was going to give them to LPL because it just made sense because they were a live guide, I transcribed live shows... you get it, don’t you? Anyway later I expanded that idea into more than just live shows and into interviews. There are many uses for an transcriptions of interviews and so I embarked on a journey to do that, and I’ve about 20-25 of them somewhere on my old HDD, and if and when I find it they would be made available to you all.

    To give you all a more in depth look at what I’m talking about I’m just going to copy and paste a PM that I sent (because I don’t feel like typing it up and rewording it another way... :lol: )

    Linkin Park - band related - interviews?

    Of course this excludes thing that have no bearing on what LP outside of their careers. Because we can both agree I think that following EVERYTHING a specific person does is somewhat creepy. Also it'd keep teenboopers away..

    I'll post an example: show you this one interview I made transcription of that is with Mike Shinoda talking about Linkin Park vs Fort Minor, the Next LP album, hobbies, Fans.

    Band: Linkin Park.
    Band: Fort Minor
    Interviewing: Mike Shinoda
    Subject: 1. Fort Minor vs Linkin Park. 2. What's next for Linkin Park? 3. Hobbies 4. Fans.
    Date: 2006
    Main Source:
    Secondary Source:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h4pGyvHpIc

    1. "Basically my two focuses are Linkin Park and Fort Minor. I'm out playing shows promoting this record. It's going really well. Everyday it's something new picking up and it's just great that we're getting a positive response especially from the hip hop community and that a lot of the Linkin Park fans are sticking with us as well"

    2. "The next Linkin Park record will further break outside the box of what people try to define us as. We came out with hybrid theory and I think that was a time when Nu-Metal and Rap Rock was at its peak and I think it's fair to say"

    "I think it's fair to say we were doing that, we were part of that, whatever it is but as we moved on since then I think we've always tried to break the boundaries of that label. We never wanted to be in that genre in the first place, we just make what we make because it's who we are"

    *"We kind of don't know how to make music any other way. This next Linkin Park record is going to further push us to push though boundaries and learn new things and try different ideas and move even further outside Nu-Metal and Rap Rock that we never wanted to be a part of in the first place. We'll be moving out of it forever.

    3. "What's funny about being on the road for me is I'm kind of a creature of habit so I will tend to get into little phases where I'll be doing the same things all the time. For example, playing video games. I will play the.... (rest omitted, irrelevant)

    4. "The Hip Hop fans who like the Fort Minor record seem to be drawn to its uniqueness The fact that they have a CD case or an I-pod full of the same lyrics, the the same topics over and over again and this is an alternative to that."

    "The rock fans that normally don't listen to Hip Hop that like Fort Minor have been telling me why is because don't like listening to those lyrics and this (The Rising Tide) doesn't have them. Either way I appreciate that fans get into the lyrics, they dissect them and listen to them and that their fans of the record on those merits"
    Yes, I did go through some liberties to kind of reword some of the interview for the sake of understanding it better. Things like, omitting stutters, repeats, etc.

    What is in red can be omitted altogether because it's irrelevant and closes in on Personal Life Topics.

    Alternatively this could be a section of the LPA Linkin Park Wiki as it gives 100% facts and allows access to quick information without having to sit through a video or having you to go through extra trouble.
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    This would a lot of hard work - but if people were dedicated to going this huge task then it could actually work out to be something good.

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