Love is a damn glutton! And I'm its damn fool.

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    When will you be gone,
    because you've finally burned out
    (Oh no, you're okay!)
    Or so they say these days...

    I'm taking the blame for things,
    (I haven't even plotted,
    Batten! Batten! I deserve myself!)
    I haven't passed out yet
    No, I haven't quite passed out just yet!

    Now review the last show,
    "The spotlight's still on me,
    so I couldn't have been that bad, you know."

    A common misconception?!

    I'm ordinarily useless(ly) having fun!
    And halfway through, I'll admit,
    I understand, why no-one gets my puns.

    But I can't frame the mind,
    the way it does the world.
    So I guess I'll remain brushed black and white
    I just can't put my mind into the box
    I just can't set it on scale.
    So if you break my heart, It's "Swallow the knife" (Again)


    Batten! Batten! I will not atone!
    Haste, Heart, Hesitate!
    Batten! Batten! I have outgrown!
    Haste, Heart, Levitate!

    Batten! Batten! I haven't passed on yet,
    No, I haven't passed on just yet!


    With haste, exit the stage
    with heart, exit the stage
    yet never! Hastily, hastily,
    shall you lack the heart to hesitate
    to reenter,

    for I do love you.

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