"Lost" remixed by Patrick Lawrence Zappia

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    A new official remix of Linkin Park's recent single "Lost" has been released unexpectedly on digital music platforms. The reinterpretion, named the "PLZ Tethered Version", comes from Patrick Lawrence Zappia, a Los Angeles-based film and TV composer. Neither Linkin Park themselves nor Zappia have made any announcement regarding this track but it's reasonable to expect that they'll say something about it soon.

    Fitting for his media composition background, Zappia has taken "Lost" in a more cinematic direction. Sweeping strings and delicate acoustic guitar play over sampled distorted guitars, with no drums underneath and hardly any rhythmic elements at all - a far cry from the aggressive industrial stomp of the original song. This new instrumentation, complete with some changed chords, highlights Chester Bennington's fantastic vocal performance in a different way, and allows listeners a different angle on the song's lyrics.

    You can check out the new remix of "Lost" on Spotify or Apple Music.

    Source: Spotify
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    Embed's broken OR the video is now unavailable.

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