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Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by lpfmfan, Jun 7, 2012.

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    So I came up with an idea and I think this should happen, listening parties hosted by LP fans, I had posted on the LPU forums originally, then MSC, my friend posted on LPL (thanks Raquel!), i posted on the LP forums, and now I want to think what LPA members think. So I’m reaching out to fans here. Hopefully we can gather some people to do this! And we need as many fans as possible to make this happen. Also PLEASE if this doesn't interest you, kindly don't post. This is for those that want this to happen. :]

    I’m sure most of you read Mike’s blog post (for those that didn’t: and although it is great to listen with friends, some of us, like myself don’t have friends that really wouldn’t enjoy a listening party like I would. So I thought, maybe we could organize our own listening parties. I know there’s lots of members in my area but there’s trouble reaching out to them so I thought I’d start here and ask. It would be nice if Linkin Park would post about this to reach out to other fans, of course it might be hard for LP to actual reserve a place but fan-hosted listening parties maybe could work all we need is to spread the word and if Linkin Park did that–I think it’d help a lot!

    But first is anyone interested in this? I know I would love to meet new fans especially in my area!

    Which cities could we do this? We’d need someone to be ‘host’ or ‘leader’ in each city.

    I’m in Houston so if there’s any fans in Houston that want to do this that’d be awesome!

    Let me know what you guys think!

    - Ana

    Please spread the news please if you want this to happen. :]
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