Linkin Park's mixing and THE LOUDNESS WAR

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by merrillmind, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Dude, what? MP3 file compression and AUDIO compression are two totally different things.
  2. Delicious Dave

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    May 25, 2012
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    Wait, mixing was a top priority? Where they drunk when they decided to release UIG?
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    For the most part - The mixing on Living Things was terrible, which a shame because there's so many good ideas (particularly synths) buried under Vocals, Drums and guitar. Its not so much that everything is so loud (at least compared to earlier albums - Nu-Metal was like a poster boy for loud mixing), but things just don't have enough space to breathe. everything is pushed front and centre, with a lot of frequencies masking others. But then again, its mixed by Manny Marroquin, and him and Mark Stent are notorious mixing in that way to make it sound ear catching on small speakers (laptops, phones car radios etc). Neal Avron's work on A Thousand Suns was much nicer, and really fit the aesthetic.

    On a semi related note, the worst mixing I've ever heard is Oasis' Be Here Now. Apparently they were determined to use all 96 Channels on the mixing desk - I think they tracked the same guitar part like 12 times just for loudness.

    My favourite mix on an Album is Kid A by Radiohead. Since the album is virtually devoid of melody, they made up for with really well balanced ambience
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    Random comment. A lot of people say they hear Chester more so than Mike in Robot Boy but I honestly hear Mike having the prevailing vocals with a lot of effects. In fact, I hardly hear Chester singing at all, even.

    I think that's one of the reasons why they didn't preform that song live, Mike didn't think he could do it.

    I heard Mike's lead WOAH'S after Chester's in Roads Untraveled and was told repeatedly by many people that it was Chester in the lead all the time. The accapella comes out and I am proven right.

    And I can clearly hear his backing harmonies in Until it's Gone whist others say he isn't in it at all

    Either I'm wrong or crazy but if true (and I am confident that I am) I guess I have an ability for distinguishing Mike's voice or something. :lol:
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    Exactly what I thought.
    What the hell happened in the mix?! Was Andy plastered when he did this song?

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