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    Hi, I wanted to share some work of mine, that I think you guys might enjoy.
    I've been producing music since 2012 and I often model my songs after Linkin Park's production
    In terms of song structure and progression, but also the general sound of it.
    So a lot of times, I create these Linkin Park type beats and honestly, I have a lot of fun doing it.
    Here are some of my instrumentals and what inspired them:

    Friendly Fire: Inspired by One More Light (hence the name). Also has some elements of Minutes To Midnight in it.

    The Space Between: Inspired by The Hunting Party and A Thousand Suns.

    Sleepless Nights: Inspired by Post Traumatic and One More Light.

    Fallen Heroes: Inspired by Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns

    Rising Waves: Inspired by Living Things and A Thousand Suns

    Shadow In The Dark: Inspired by Post Traumatic (Specifically Nothing Makes Sense Anymore and Over Again)

    Would be happy to hear feedback from some Linkin Park fans and maybe if you guys create music, you could share your own Linkin Park inspired production in this thread.
    Creating art is a never-ending learning curve, so hearing other people's work can help us find inspiration or some useful information about what we love and create.
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