Linkin Park to headline Hurricane and Southside 2017

Discussion in 'News' started by minuteforce, Oct 27, 2016.

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    Barely stopping for breath after just announcing their upcoming appearance at 2017's Nova Rock festival, Linkin Park are now confirming that they will perform in the headline slots at two other events next year: Hurricane Festival and Southside Festival, both in Germany.

    Hurricane Festival will take place in Schee├čel, while Southside will happen in Neuhausen on Eck. The twin festivals both take place between (and including) June 23 and June 25, 2017. The rosters for both events are currently identical and include acts ranging from rock heavyweights such as Blink 182 and Green Day to electronic/dance figures such as Boys Noize and Digitalism.

    Although Hurricane and Southside are both decades old, these will be Linkin Park's first appearances at either festival. Aside from the fact that they will be one of the headlining acts at both festivals, information about the specific dates the band will perform on is not yet available, as noted in's events list. In the meantime, tickets to the shows and other details regarding Hurricane and Southside can be found here and here, respectively.

    Source: Linkin Park on Twitter
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    Ehh, fuck. That means i cant see them next year (on a festival).

    Hurricane has a shitty Line Up and Novarock is with 10 hours a little bit too far away for me.
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    It's good to see a few shows being announced. At least we know then it's highly likely the band have set a deadline for the new album release with the label. I mean with mixing/mastering, manufacture and promotion to factor in - it's probably almost finished.

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