Linkin Park Related Videos Comment Section After Chester Bennington's Death

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    Before Chester Bennington's tragic passing, people used to hate on Linkin Park because of their new Direction, they made mean comments on every song of the Album One More Light.
    While in the Meme Community, they made fun of a lot of Linkin Park Music Video, the Comment Section for Crawling was mostly Meme related, they made jokes about how Edgy Linkin Park was. They even made a new Meme (Crawling in my Crawl) out of the Crawling Meme.
    On the "One More Light" Review Videos, people used to trash a lot about the Album and insult Chester because of the words he said to the Hybrid Theory Fans, Chester was clearly joking when he said that they should move the fuck on from Hybrid Theory and the other things he said. They were also calling Linkin Park "Sellout" which was made me very angry against these people, they didn't even take time to understand the lyrics in these songs.

    After Chester's passing, a lot of people changed their opinions on One More Light.
    Suddenly everyone loved the song "Heavy" and the entire Album. Most of them deleted their mean comments. Some of them even said that One More Light was their favorite Album. They even call One More Light a Suicide Note, which a disagree with.
    The Comment Section for most Linkin Park song are used to mourn about Chester's Death, even the Crawling Comment Section which had a lot of people from Meme Community in the Comment Section, now mourn about Chester.
    The Meme Community were very sad because of Chester's passing, he was considered a Living Meme. The Meme Community kept making jokes even after Chester's passing, they even went far as making jokes about Chester's death, like how the "Crawling in my Crawl" Video actually made Chester commit suicide.
    They even mourned about him in the Meme-ist way possible by saying "Crawl in Peace Chester" and things like that.

    Reviewers like theneedledrop who didn't like One More light got blamed for Chester's death by his community as a Joke, just look at the Comment Section for the Video "Linkin Park's One More Light: NOT GOOD".

    The Tongo Community are making jokes about how the Parody Video for Numb made Chester commit suicide and that Tongo should become the new Lead Singer of Linkin Park.

    Here is an image of the Comment Section of "Crawling in my Crawl" and the way they are mourning about Chester:

    Here is Another image from the One More Light review by theneedledrop and how his community blame Anthony for Chester's death:
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