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    I was translating a words from English to another languages, i wrote "Crawling in"as a joke and the line "Crawling in my skin" and the Meme "Crawling in my crawl" was suggested, i died laughing. I tried to see if that was just a coincidence, i wrote "in the end" and google translate suggested me "in the end it doesn't even matter". :rofl:
    I just love when google does this, there was a long time ago, were when i wrote "a small loan", the entire line "a small loan of a million dollars" was suggested to me.

    I tried to take screenshot, but the suggestion get removed whenever i use the screenshot program. It's really annoying that i can't take screenshot.

    Try to type in the words and you find these suggestions:
    Crawling = Crawling in my skin
    Crawling in = Crawling in my crawl
    In The End = In the end (the full line "In the end it doesn't even matter" doesn't get suggested anymore sadly)
    Hybrid = Hybrid Theory
    Living = Living Things
    One More = One More Light
    Battle = Battle Symphony
    Halfway = Halfway Right
    Nobody Can = Nobody Can Save Me
    The Cat = The Catalyst
    New D = New Divide
    What I' = What I've Done
    The Hunting = The Hunting Party
    A Thousand S = A Thousand Suns
    Talking = Talking To Myself
    Waiting For The = Waiting For The End
    Burn It = Burn It Down and Burn It Up
    Why Is = Why Is Everything So Heavy
    Final M = Final Masquerade
    Until I = Until It's Gone
    Guilty A = Guilty All The Same
    A Light = A Light That Never Comes
    Sharp = Sharp Edges
    In My R = In My Remains
    Roads = Roads Untraveled
    Burning In = Burning In The Skies
    Breaking The = Breaking The Habit
    Somewhere = Somewhere I Belong
    From The = From The Inside
    Bleed = Bleed It Out
    Lost I = Lost In The Echo
    Castle = Castle Of Class
    Leave Out = Leave Out All The Rest
    No More = No More Sorrow
    Lies G = Lies Greed Misery
    Skin To = Skin To Bone
    In B = In Between
    The Mes = The Messenger
    By M = By Myself
    A Place = A Place For My Head
    Pushing = Pushing Me Away
    The Little T = The Little Things Give You Away
    Points Of = Points Of Authority
    One Step = One Step Closer

    Remember The = Remember The Name
    Where'd = Where'd You Go
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