Music Linkin Park - One More Light (fireplace version)

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    Hello, my dear friends!
    Let me tell you the story. In a short time after Chester passed away I had to board the ship (as I am a seaman). There I’ve met Vitaliy from Vladivstok, Russia who is a big fan of Linkin Park. Same as me, he was very upset because of what happened.
    Soon we realized that we can do something to honor this person together. Vitaliy is a very good guitar player, I am not so bad harmonica player. That’s why we started making acoustic covers on Linkin Park songs. I called his “Fireplace versions”, because only guitar and harmonica are played, same as you could be in the middle of nowhere, near fireplace, enjoying evening and the music.
    We prepared 9 covers and one special bonus video, which I tried to montage in LPTV style.
    You will see one by one. And let’s start from our first ever record. It was filmed in 10 days after we met each other. We didn’t make rehearsals, we didn’t prepare anything. Just a pure sense of moment. Here and now in my cabin on the ship.
    I hope, you will enjoy the music of guys from Vladivostok and Odessa.


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