Linkin Park Live Concert Review - Manchester Evening News Arena, 04/11/10

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    Yello all,

    So me and my girlfriend attended the Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns World Tour 2010 concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena this past Thursday. We had a fantastic time at the show, especially taking into account that I purchased us some quality seats. We were in block 102 on the lower tier, so we had a great view of the band and you could really make each band member out, which made the experience all the more better.

    I went to their concert back in 2004, where we (myself and a friend) were at the same venue but at the very back of the arena. Here though, we were by the side of the stage in the lower tier.

    The support act, Does It Offend You? Yeah were alright. Some of their songs were catchy and they tried to interact with the crowd but from where I was sitting, not many of the Manchester crowd cared for them. A shame really as I thought they did pretty well for a small band.

    Anyway, Linkin Park came on at around 8:30pm and played their set for 1 hour 40 minutes. The night went by really quickly, which was a downside. However, despite that one negative, this was an amazing show. The crowd were pumped and the energy was incredible from the band.

    I've listed the setlist below:

    Manchester Evening News Arena Setlist:

    1. The Requiem
    2. Wretches and Kings
    3. Lying From You
    4. Given Up
    5. New Divide
    6. Faint
    7. Empty Spaces
    8. When They Come for Me
    9. No More Sorrow
    10. Jornada del Muerto
    11. Waiting For The End
    12. Wisdom, Justice, and Love
    13. Iridescent
    14. Numb
    15. The Radiance
    16. Breaking The Habit
    17. Shadow Of The Day
    18. Crawling
    19. One Step Closer


    20. Fallout
    21. The Catalyst
    22. Leave Out All The Rest
    23. In The End
    24. What I've Done
    25. Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ A Place For My Head)

    As for the bands performance, they were outstanding from start to finish. Chester's vocal range was unbelievable; the guy can sing and he can still scream his lungs out. His insane screams on Faint, Lying From You, Given Up, No More Sorrow and One Step Closer were very impressive. Especially on the latter song, where he seemed to scream on the final bit of "I'm about to... BREAK" for ages. He sang beautifully on such songs as When They Come For Me, Waiting For The End, New Divide, Shadow Of The Day, Breaking The Habit, What I've Done and Iridescent. Chester is a God!

    Mike also impressed me in regards to his singing. This was the first time I've heard him actually sing live and Mike was top notch. His rapping was on top form and you could tell he was having a fun time, like the rest of the band and the entire crowd. We could see all the band members except for Rob, who was hidden behind some of his drum equipment I believe. Mr. Hahn was the main member of the band that was by our side of the stage, which was good to see. I loved watching him adding his effects on The Radiance where he kept freezing the big screen behind him during the speech.

    What I also enjoyed about this was the fact Linkin Park really interacted with the crowd. Chester was the main member who spoke to the crowd and I loved the fact when he told the crowd to give props to the security at the arena who were helping protect the crowd from and I quote, "from smashing your fucking faces into the ground". Very funny from Chester. It was also nice of him to run back out after they finished and blow kisses to the crowd as the fans in attendance were very loud and ecstatic throughout.

    The main highlight for me was however, when Linkin Park were performing my second favourite track from the band ever, Bleed It Out and three-quarters of the way through the song, they suddenly broke into my favourite Linkin Park track of all time, A Place For My Head. I was not expecting it and I was going crazy when Mike started rapping the first verse of the song and Chester did his trademark "You tried to take the best of me... GO AWAY". They then finished with the rest of Bleed It Out but that was a real surprise and a personal highlight for me.

    The show finished at around 10:10pm and me and my girlfriend departed the arena with a funny cover of One Step Closer being played over the sound system, which got a laugh out of the crowd. My voice was soar for quite a bit from singing so much but it was totally worth it. What an experience and even though I have yet to meet the band face-to-face (which I hope to change sometime next year if they do come back to the UK) it was phenomenal seeing the band from a decent range and to say we've actually seen them in the flesh. Absolutely awesome.

    Plus, I got some great Linkin Park merchandise; two t-shirts, one hoody and a scarf.

    Overall, we had a brilliant time. I'm hoping Linkin Park come back to the UK sometime next year, especially because I've purchased LPU Membership for the first time ever.

    Hope anyone else that went to this show had a great time like we did.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this as I did attending the show and typing my experience out for you all to read.

    Take care.
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    Denny @Jackethx

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    I went to this show dude!
    I saw them at the M.E.N in 2007 on the Minutes to Midnight tour and I also saw them headline the first ever Sonisphere Festival.

    Both times they were excellent. This time they were incredible. They were even better than Green Day and Rammstein who I saw in the same year.

    I was sat near-ish you! They were phenomenal

    I bought a live CD (like I did back in 2007) and would recommend you purchase the concert at because it is a great souvenir!.
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    Benjamin LPA team LPA Super VIP

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    Awesome review! This may be one DSP that I'll purchase!
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    Ree a female witch. LPA Administrator

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    I enjoyed reading your review :D glad you had a great time!
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    I was also there. First time seeing them and couldn't have asked for anything else. Absolutely fantastic.
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    Great review but I am not a fan of that setlist.
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    I agree that the other setlist is way better. Papercut is such a better song than LFY and not playing TM after TC is silly.
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    I was at the show the day after in Newcastle.

    Mike was like: "hey Chester where did we play last night, Man? Chester?! Man, Chester, where did we play!?"

    Chester: "Oh Man, I think they called it Manchester?"
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    Jeff WORSHIP LPA Addicted VIP

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    Super Sonic

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    i also went. It was EPIC!!!!!!!

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