Linkin Park & Eminem - Like Clockwork (blend)

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    I make Linkin Park and Eminem mash ups, I have been making them since 2012 and I've done a shitload of mixtapes and have a bunch of my stuff uploaded on my YouTube channel and by other YouTube users too, mixtapes like "collision course 2" "after collision" and "collision course 3"
    So about a month ago I posted a song called Radio Silence which was a promo YouTube track for my next mixtape "after collision 2", I've been feeling kind of uninspired lately so this took a while. This is what I was gonna put out first, this is a grim and grey, emotional type of song as opposed to Radio Silence which was a Electronic/Hip Hop type of song.
    This new song is called "Like Clockwork" and is a play on many things, one being that the sample in the song is actually a clock that you are hearing, also like clockwork meaning spot on, + the play on the In the End chorus by Linkin Park which talks about "time" and how it slips away.
    Either way, This is a very conceptual video, got some inspiration by playing fallout 4 and shit, so I used a lot of footage both audio and visual about the Atom bomb and the bombings of Japan during the second World War. Had to dig through an Audio Archive of FDR speeches and used the famous Oppenheimer speech at the end. It's all conceptual and heavily inspired by ATS, so I hope nobody takes this serious.
    I hope you guys like it.

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    This really belongs in the "Your Projects" sub-forum so I'll move it there ...

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