Let It Fade

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    Let It Fade

    Looking at the picture frame
    Losing more day by day
    Drifting, drifting far away
    Doomed to a love that would never stay

    And how can you sleep at night
    When you know in your heart that I'm right
    How could you do these things
    It's a slow death in the first degree

    And I
    I thought I would've figured it out
    And I
    I guess by now I should know
    Just let it go
    And I
    Am I to blame for what's gone wrong
    And I
    I'll save my tears and carry on

    When you were slipping far, far away
    Did you think about the day
    When the time had come for past sins
    to repay
    When you had gone so far abroad
    Here in form and gone in heart
    Why did you even stay
    Why couldn't there have been another way

    And I
    I'm thinking now it's obvious
    There is no love, there's broken trust
    Between us
    And I
    Cast my mind back to the days
    When the sun could shine and not
    clouds of gray
    And I
    All I needed was just your heart
    Only your love and nothing more

    And all the trust
    And all the faith
    And all the old ways
    And everything

    It's gone away
    And I will let it fade...

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