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    I'm back and this is some expeirmentation I've done, so I don't think it is my best just something different.

    1. Knock Knock/ let me in/ Knock knock/ guess who’s back

    2. Take it away/away from this place/ hide me from/ from the enemy/

    1. Hiding inside that shell/ you call life/winding behind what’s left/ what you thought was true/ in disguise/ hiding from what you knew/

    2. People looking/looking for someone to help them/close there eyes to truth/the truth that hurts them/ that cannot see/ see that were all lost/

    1.(chorus) Seeing is believing/so open the door and let it in/ let it crawl across the floor/ and let the wounds mend/
    2/take it/ take it away/ take it/ take it away/

    1.Open the doors in your mind/ let the world see/ stop hiding all the hate/ stop don’t hit rewind/ let everyone who hurt you/ pay the fee/

    2. Hiding/ in the dark/ we remember the remarks/ wish they weren’t made/finding/ that it would’ve been better just to be forgotten/ instead were forgiven/

    1/Knock knock/ let me in/ knock Knock/ guess who’s back/

    2.(chorus) For every action we took/ they mistook/ saying we need help/ we need understanding/ leave me alone/ and forget/we felt nothing/ and we wish for nothing/ just leave us alone/ and forget/

    1. Retrace your steps/ look upon the truth/ no one should regret/ the truth/ let it feed you/ and show the world/ the truth/

    2. Take it away/ away from this place/ take it away/ away from/ from the enemy/

    1. Knock knock/2. Take it away/ 1.let me in/ 2.away from this place/1.knock knock/2.take it away/ 1. Guess who’s back.​

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