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    Today I would like to present you a collection of tracks that I created in the last months. I have participated in various contests lately and I thought that it would be good to collect all the songs created for those contests and release them as a one set. Almost all tracks are instrumentals except for the first one on the release's tracklist, which is called "Contemplate". It is the first song I wrote in English after around two years. What is more, one of the tracks, "When", is not an instrumental created for the contests but a track that I came up with several years ago. It couldn't find its place anywhere on my previous releases but I think it was good enough to be released somewhere and this collection was a great opportunity for it to finally come out. While some of these instrumentals were created mainly for fun (like "Jux" or "Hollow"), others are rather "serious" works. I am especially content with "Day \\ Night", which is divided into two parts which represent different parts of a day. The beginning of the song is rather cheerful and positive and pictures an image of the brightness of the sun while the second portrays the nocturnal state of the world and is more gloomy but also calmer in general.

    By no means it is my new album. While I enjoy most of the tracks and I would like you to listen to them in your free time, not enough focus and effort was put into some of these songs for the release to be called a proper album. Especially that the majority of the collection is instrumental only. Anyway, I invite you to listen to "One" and tell me what you think! I hope that you will enjoy this humble collection.

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    It is indeed worth it brother. Thanks for this!
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    Nice collection for my work.

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