Jaime Bennington - Then (first solo album-2020)

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    He yo guys and gals! I didn't know where to place this thread so it seemed like the Chester Bennington section was the right fit as Jaime is his son.
    So in short,
    Jaime released his first album "Then" back in 2020 and it's available on Spotify and iTunes.
    I listened to some of it on iTunes just now and it's not what you'd expect! Haha it's very interesting and unique. Also it's free. Well kinda. If you pay for a subscription on iTunes or Spotify you can get the album for free.
    I will listen to it fully in the coming days I think but for now I can say that from my preview just now I really dig it. It's like nothing I've heard before. And it pushed my musical boundaries completely! Jaime is a very deep guy as are all of Chester's kids probably and you can feel it in the music. Anyway, I'm a fan. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did and more.
    Much love fam! ❤️❤️❤️

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