Artwork Indomitable: A Linkin Park Tribute (Video)

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    A new video by me. Something a bit different than what I'm known for. I hope you all like it, and share if you do. Thank you for your support!

    “Indomitable” is more than a Linkin Park tribute. It's my love letter to the Linkin Park Family. It’s not just about Linkin Park’s musical legacy, It's about community, and our connection to the band. We each have our own relationship with the music and the band members, and are all entwined as a family because of that.

    I could have easily made the “main character” a completely random design like the rest of the fans, but I made it myself. I guess I wanted this to be personal in a real way, not just vague fan characters. There are ponies in this video because I made it, and that is part of my relationship with LP. A part of my identity. I wanted to share my experience, adding myself to this, because only I could create this video. So hopefully that resonates with some people.

    It’s been four years since we lost Chester. I have thought of him every single day since then. I know this loss has affected millions. Chester’s impact on the world transcends his own life. Through his music, through his authenticity, through his kindness. It’s inspired millions. That’s what “Make Chester Proud” comes from. Do something creative, genuine, and kind. That’s why our work is larger than we know.

    It may seem odd to see a Linkin Park tribute without music by Linkin Park. This song was originally written about the late Monty Oum, creator of RWBY. I thought the lyrics fit well for Linkin Park and the LP community. I didn't want this project to take away the meaning of the song, rather, add to it. Thank you Chester, and thank you Monty, for your countless inspiration.

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