'In the End' was based on a poem by Chester, yet Chester never...

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    ........went all "You know I CO-WROTE that song In The End".

    Read that it was inspired by Chester's poem in the Alan Cross guide to Linkin Park.

    Yet when Eivis Duran asked about In The End in 2017, Chester just says "Mike wrote that sucker." and nothing else. Chester always did that. (He also talks about Julia Michaels being a the prolific writer....being the writer of Heavy)

    As a matter of fact, only way he even connects himself to In The End is always like this:
    And proceeds to call Mike Shinoda his hero. (Nikki Sixx podcast 2012)

    He bigs up everyone, like when he gave his first CD to his dad:
    Even though Sean Dowdell in "Tattoed Millionaire" says Chester didn't get quite the upbringing he needed at the time. It don't matter to Chester, he loves him.

    Also when in 2002, Sam was inserting herself in Chester's achievement:

    Chester worked HARD to keep at music after Grey Daze, that's why he had a studio contact to record the audition for Linkin Park. But here's the attention seeking wife trying to get the kudo's and Chester just lets her. Like a G.

    Chester being the legendary poetic rockstar talent that he is, yet also the kinda guy to never drink his own kool-aid. Like, that's maximum interesting to me.
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