In My Town

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    I just finished this tonight and I'm unsure of it. Make sure you give me some honest feedback.

    In My Town

    Mid-December and it finally feels like winter
    Woke up late with good intent but dear
    The ground is freezing over here
    In my town

    In this place I feel that I must be a voyeur
    Sketches, maps, statistics on my walls
    But every creature’s bound to crawl
    In my town

    I wrote the scriptures; let them scatter up on Main Street
    Spread my open book opinions there
    But nobody knows how to care
    In my town

    Spinning, stupid, you suggest I drank you pretty
    But I’m dizzy and you’re all I’ve got
    It's true that I’m just glad I’m not
    In my town

    I spell it out in demographics
    Shout my words over the traffic
    “There’s no shame in feeling stuck out here
    But nothing good comes out of fear”
    You live for someone else
    Or maybe God or love or health
    And I’m still living just for life
    I’m not tied down to what is right

    Shoddy answers in a world you took for granted
    I know more than what’s confined to here
    The masses speak the least sincere
    In my town

    Favored notions, we’re suspended in an ocean
    With this thought momentum changing tides
    Through words that would be floating by
    In my town

    I’m not a saint, not even close
    But I’ve got something more to show
    Than figureheads and presidents
    To their sergeants and their patriots
    I’ve done fuck all for history
    But I’ve traded my adversity
    For long-shots out of this town
    With the voice of reason written out

    So you said, “You ought to figure
    That the world could be much bigger
    If we stepped in, dared to notice
    That the winter’s at its’ coldest
    And we’re still alive”

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