I'm just so angry at so many people

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    Angry at so many people out there. I just have to let out some fustration.
    I don't know if this needs a whole topic or not. But here it goes..

    It's been one month since we lost someone really important to us. It's been one of the hardest months to accept.
    Growing up with guy.
    During this month, people have shared all their love. Wich has been more than amazing.
    Then there is the rest...

    People and companies that has tried to make money out of the situation. The bunch of ''memorial merch'' sellers. Some people I just want to punch straight into the face.

    Every god damn video ever having Chester in it is filled with R.I.P Chester. It's like people are digging deep just to find every goddamn video, to keep reminding people of the terrible fate bestoved upon him. Only for some godamn thumb up. I know it's a sad thing. But it's just too much, and sometimes for the wrong reasons.
    (Note: There is a difference between paying hounest respect to Chester, and throwin RIP Chester everywhere. I know I sound like a douche later on in the post, saying something that seems like the quite opposite)

    Then there are these fuckers who keep writing ''Good for him'' and ''Good ridance'' ''Coward'' and shit like that.

    And in the end.. The people I hate the most. Those who acuse fans (May they be real or not) ''ugh, you only started to care about Chester after he died'' ''Claiming ur a real fan, why didn't you care before?''
    I've been bullied for being the Linkin Park fan I am, so I told myself to not let anyone know.
    Called names for listening to angsty emo shit, and all that.
    Many people have tried to make hounest outpouring of their heart, trying to show their love and respect for Chester.
    And being called a piece of scum for ''Just now being a fan''
    Just because that person hasn't done anything related to the band earlier, or haven't seen them live or whatever.

    Posted a photo of Chester on 9gag, with text on how Chester has actually had an effect on me personally
    And I get comments like these

    ''These kind of personal revelations should be kept personal. If people like you would have said things like this when he was alive, it could have made a difference. Now that he's dead everyone is supposedly his biggest fan, he was their hero, blablabla. All I see is a upvote bates and people who comfort their loneliness with some kind of communal grief.''

    ''Your idol do drugs so use drugs and be like him..he is famous everythong he needs is infront of him but still he need some attention why...? Because he couldn't let go of the pass..we live in short period of life we should be happy while we still here because we dont know what will happen to the other side. Sorry for the english carabow..by the way i love this band but trows all the way everything in the end.''

    I know maybe over half of this post doesn't make any sence.. I just have so many thoughts spinning inside my head.
    It's been a really long and hard month. And it is still hurting badly.
    I just had to let it out somehow. Even tho my grammar and my sence of writing is just a fking mess.
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