Igorrr, (Yes, 3 r's), a mad genius of the sound waves

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    This is Igorrr, not much else can describe his madness. He's a freaking genius is all I can say. Everyone should hear his work at least once in their lifetime. Usually no lyrics unless you count samples and or ranting or mindless babble on a select few. He's from France, in case a few of the titles have you wondering. He's the only artist I know who man-handles so many eras of music, not genres, eras, and pops them into a blender and basically makes them his bitch. He's a must hear, he's got 3 full albums out as far as I know. Poisson Soluble (2006), Moisissure (2008), and Nostril (2010). Each one kinda has a dominating theme, the first seems much more classical oriented, the second seems to be inspired by music in the early 1900's, just hearing "Brutal Swing" gives that off, and the third I can't quite place, it's seems to be a bit more spread out then the other albums.
    His type of music has been classified as a lot of things, baroque, IDM, modern classical, very experimental. Most call it Breakcore, which incorporates a high tempo and A LOT of sampling.
    Here's some of my favorites, 3 off each album.

    Tendon - Nostril (Amazing, my favorite, the last 45 seconds are the best...)

    Brutal Swing - Moisissure

    Mastication Numérique - Poisson Soluble (Fun)

    Unpleasent Sonata - Nostril (Insane)

    Oesophage De Tourterelle - Moisissure

    Pizza Aux Narines - Poisson Soluble

    Excessive Funeral - Nostril (Sick piano bit)

    Moelleux - Moisissure (Pretty intense yet mellow)

    Tartine De Contrebasse - Poisson Soluble (Jazz elements, really cool)
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