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    Verse 1
    If I, walk away, I’ll be stabbed in the back,
    If I stay then I’ll be push away.
    Remember how we used to be,
    Before our friendship started to fade.
    (Can’t forget those times)

    I’ve been living inside my head,
    Thinking of how this came to be.
    Going over all the times, that
    You walked all over me.
    (I feel so stupid)

    I need some time,
    (Need some time)
    To get some distance,
    (Away from you)
    Was I really meant to suffer,
    This cold, dark existence.
    (Fade away)

    Verse 2
    Through these years,
    You’ve filled me with hate.
    It makes me wonder,
    Why do I still stay?
    (Makes me wonder)

    All those times,
    I’ve wanted to do something.
    But I’ve never had the chance,
    (Or the courage)
    So I just walk away stumbling.


    Verse 3
    But no, I’ve never fallen,
    I don’t really know what it means.
    But at least I’m happy,
    Well that’s the way it seems.
    (For now)

    These are lyrics for a song I'm writing for my new band. now i know there areheaps of musicians in the LPA so can some of you help me. i don't have a melody yet but i want the verses to be rap and the chorus to be actually singing. and the brackets are add ons in the song like (caught in the undertow)
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    Seinfeld We are the nobodies LPA Super Member

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    yah it's not bad...but...it's hard to write music around the lyrics...it's easier to imprvise on the lyrics while listening to the song without lyrics...just my opinion but you may want to just take some of those parts and use them for when the song itself has been written ;)

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