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Discussion in 'Chester Bennington' started by Tomo, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Hello there,

    In last 2 months i've been following everything about the band and the people that were listening to LP in some part of their life and the fans that are still listening to the band,
    and i've seen how many people Chester have touched, and i had no idea how many people he has saved with his music, his voice and his personality, despite all he has gone through.

    I don't know if anyone is even going to read this or if i'm at the right place :p but i have an idea for a fan made tribute video for Chester, something like a music video from fans for the band and his family, and for the fans of course.
    The video is a representation of what Chester meant to us, the fans, and how he saved so many lives and inspired people that were hurt to achieve so many great things.

    Here it goes:

    So the idea for the video is with song "Invisible", maybe its a weird choice since Chester is not quite in it but maybe it's good because someone else is singing for him, since it's a tribute from fans for Chaz.
    The "plot" of the video would show random people going trough various thing in their life, like depression, anxiety, anger, being misunderstood, losing someone who they cared for etc.,
    During the video a man would be walking around different places (It would be Chester, someone who likes somewhat like him or just shown from the back and having flame tattoos), passing by those mentioned people and he would see all of them being hurt, fighting their demons and in a way losing the battle. During the last part of the song (after the instrumental solo before the last chorus), he would take a microphone and sing or scream in it. His spirit would be in a song like an aura or a flame, and people who are hurt would listen to his music and just before the last chorus kick in, those people who are hurt, sad and in tears, looking down, they would look up and see his hand, (just a close up of the arm with his flame tattoos) grab it, reach out (the part "if you felt invisible i won't make you feel that now") during that part he would lift them back up on their feet (as Chester always said during concerts) and then the last chorus start and those sad and broken people are back on their feet, looking up or straight ahead, listening to his voice and it brings them joy, hope and a smile on their face, feeling safe and comfort. (maybe that aura surrounds them or a flame :p)

    Just listen to the song with this in your head to imagine it and feel it :D

    Don't know if i wrote it in the best way possible but i hope you get the idea.
    That's it, i had this idea for a couple of weeks, but i don't have the tools to make this, although if i had i would make it asap.
    If anyone has any interest in this, or the knowledge or know's people who could make this, that would be great.
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day :D

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