Music I produced a 99,9% exact Meteora-type track, AMA

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    I know a lot of you guys are more than interested in Linkin Park's production methods. Including me. That's why I spent a good portion of the last three years on research and experimentation. The song below has been completely written, recorded and mixed by me. No samples by any other artists used. Feel free to ask me anything about it's production.


    Some basics, though:
    • 8 Guitar tracks panned hard. 4x Mesa dual rectifier (high gain), 2x Soldano slo (medium gain), 2x Marshall JCM 800 (low gain), all through Mesa 4x12 cab. Guitar is a PRS CU 24 with DiMarzio D-Sonic bridge pickups.
    • Stingray bass through a Ampeg SVT-4 and SVT 810-E
    • a shit load of tape distortion, bitcrushing and vinyl.
    • I'm screaming
    • Yes, there will be vocals soon and
    • yes, we're doing a full album :peace:

    Please note this is an unmastered mix.
    Now feel free to ask me about details. :)
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