I Live In The Past, and I Hate It's Guts

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    note: capitals mean screaming...

    i wrote this write after i listiened to "easier to run" by LP and "hate me" by blue october, and right after my girl broke up with me (we got back together today)

    I Live in The Past, and I Hate It's Guts


    it seems there are so many things i hate about your past
    but i just want you to live the life i never had
    and i just want you to know i'll always be there for you
    even if we never meet again, i will always remember you
    the things i remember are the stories you told me
    and i'll never forget the day you said you would always hate me
    but these stories you tell, they are things i cannot stand
    your memories, they're haunting me, over and over again!


    the things that you say
    they will never go away
    and now i
    wish you never told me your secrets
    because i
    live in the past
    and i hate it's guts


    depression and suicidal thoughts never leave me alone
    and i love you so much, so will you pick up the phone?
    and will you tell me that you love me
    just one last time?
    because i never thought you could stop loving me on a dime!
    one day we're obsessed
    love shot sky high
    and then the next day
    we crash and i

    (c x2)


    it's tearing me to bits
    the day that we split
    there's a gun to my head
    and right now
    I WISH I WAS DEAD! (x2)

    (c x2)
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