Highway Stellar System

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    Highway Stellar System

    I walk you forever, Through this eternity
    Glisten under my steps, Like the dreams of a star
    Endlessly steering souls, All across this city
    Echoes of nevermore, Fly the roads like a scar

    Drive me a bright whisper, Dark wind under your wings
    By these hopeful lanterns, Helpless and powerless
    Fifteen roads in a cross, And all the truth it brings
    Caught the child hitchhiking, Quoth the raven, lightless

    Phoenix flights above you, Insects walk within you
    Dead feathers in ashes, To feed the rows of bugs
    And the birds are reborn, Burning the tracks right through

    Design metropolis, Far ahead in these wheels
    Patterns of destruction, Lose the barks of a dog
    Steer me away on you, You, the freeway I feel

    The town in the distance stole all of its stars from the sky aboveā€¦

    A.A. (some surrealist stuff)

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