!!!hey Lpa Listen 2 ¤kito½¤ & ¤bo7y¤!!!

Discussion in 'Serious Chat' started by ¤KiTo½¤, Aug 28, 2002.

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    ¤KiTo½¤ Guest

    Hey every1 Im KiTo and me and my boy Bo7y we made some baddass ReMix songs .... if your interested to hear them please click the link below...

    D3LiNkw3NT ProDuCTiONs

    We are called D3LiNkw3Nt ProDucTionS... its our name so far... well now I want you to remember that in no way are we trying to be like LP (there is no way in this world) but also that we are doing these songs for fun and LIVE with no EQuipment... and they still SOUND DOPE! please post on here what you think... of them we really want to see what the public thinks... and you can leave your feedback as well on the site... and if you have any reQuest please say so! thanks for your time

    your Fellow LPA'eR
    ¤KiTo½¤ - StAY D3LiNkW3nT :joe:
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    Bryan Guest

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