Grey Daze are working on a new album that will feature Chester’s vocals

Discussion in 'Side Projects' started by AndreyKamensky, Apr 15, 2021.

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    Huge shocker. :rolleyes:
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    I’m sorry about people being sarcastic in here. It’s probably confusing but it’s a long story.
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    Words cannot describe my disappointment with just how far Grey Daze has downward spiraled into such a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

    Back in 2009, I was listening to Linkin Park and Alice In Chains religiously and I was excited as fuck to learn that Chester was in a grunge band back in the 1990's. Since then, I had been wanting for such a long time for Chester to get back together with Grey Daze so his grunge era would finally get the recognition it deserved, so obviously you can imagine my excitement in 2017 when Chester announced they were reuniting for a couple of shows, followed by the absolute devastation and heartbreak when he died. At first, I was totally supportive of Grey Daze continuing on after his death because I was expecting maybe a re-release of Wake Me or ...No Sun Today. I even bought Sean's book (which I deeply regret now) and was happy to see him stand up for Talinda from Samantha's batshit rants on Facebook which the media shamelessly gave more attention. But over time, they dishonestly started flagging copies of Grey Daze's first two albums on eBay as fakes even though they we're perfectly authentic, because they wanted to sell Amends as "lost music" *rolls eyes* and Sean flat out lied in interviews about Chester being silenced by Warner from even talking about Grey Daze (which we all know isn't true as he talked about them in interviews all the time). Also, Sean constantly retweeting alt-right propaganda didn't help my opinion of him either.

    Even worse was when Sean pulled a 180 and started kissing Samantha's ass and including her in Grey Daze's project once she won 50% of Chester's estate (never mind the fact that Chester hated Samantha's guts was very clear in his will that he wanted to leave everything for only Talinda and his kids). Don't forget, recruiting the Korn guitarist who called Chester a "coward" for taking his own life to contribute to Amends, which is in incredibly poor taste (I love Korn, but Brian Head Welch is a prick for that). Then Sean made incredibly disgusting comments about the song Morei Sky and how he thinks it's about how Chester felt at the time of his death, which is impossible for anyone to know and quite frankly is none of the public's business in the fucking first place. As for Amends itself, it's just a bunch of shitty quazi-industrial remixes of what were originally 1990's grunge songs, completely destroying the original purpose of Grey Daze and Chester's songwriting during that time. I also had an argument with Sean on Grey Daze's Facebook page where he just insulted me without even addressing my points and then blocked me. Some of you probably saw Astat's tweet about it where he shared some of the screenshots I made of it before Sean blocked me.

    Sorry if I'm just rambling, but I'm super pissed at how poorly handled the whole situation was and how what I was hoping to be an exposure of Chester's grungy side devolved into Sean Dowdell's blatant cash grab and giving platforms to people like Samantha and Tobi that are constantly saying horrible things about Talinda and Mike and needlessly airing out dirty laundry about Chester's personal life on social media. It's completely disrespectful and not what Chester himself would've wanted at all.
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    I think Amends is fucking awesome, one of my favorite projects involving Chester since after ATS dropped. Love the way they re worked the songs and can't wait for the album to drop this fall. Talinda confirmed Lily and Lila will be doing additional vocals on a song, and "Anything Anything" is coming on June 18.
    I personally am more excited about this than I was or I'll be for any Mike solo project.

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