Go Radio gets a second chance

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    Go Radio will release their first EP since being signed to Fearless Records entitled "Do Overs and Second Chances" on April 20th. (Two huge releases for me on the same day :p) produced by the same guy who did Mayday Parade's "A Lesson In Romantics."

    You can hear THREE songs from the EP on their Myspace: "When Dreaming Gets Drastic", "Thanks For Nothing" and "Goodnight Moon"



    1. "When Dreaming Gets Drastic"
    2. "Thanks for Nothing"
    3. "Letters and Love Notes"
    4. "It's Not A Trap, I Promise"
    5. "In Our Final Hour"
    6. "You Hold Your Breath, I'll Hold My Liquor"
    7. "Goodnight Moon"
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