Giraffe Tongue Orchestra

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    Giraffe Tongue Orchestra is an experimental 'supergroup' composed of William DuVall of Alice In Chains, Ben Weinman of Dillinger Escape Plan, Brent Hinds of Mastodon, Pete Griffin of Dethklok and Thomas Pridgen of The Mars Volta as well as contributions from other artists including Jon Theodore (QOTSA and also formerly of The Mars Volta).


    Their debut album Broken Lines has been met with very favourable reviews. Check out the surreal music video for Blood Moon below:

    I have to say this album has caught me totally by surprise. It's experimental, it's heavy, it's funky and it has some frankly ridiculously good musicianship. One of the best debut albums in recent memory and certainly one of the albums of the year in my opinion. I highly recommend people check this brilliant album out. Its an experience.

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