Getting Close to LP Distortion sounds

Discussion in 'The Living Room' started by BTorio, Jan 3, 2015.

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    Jun 2, 2014
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    So I got a hand-me-down Digitech GNX 3000 pedal for Christmas from a family member who used to be into guitar. I'm completely new to distortion and electric guitar in general, I've only been playing stuff on acoustic in the past. Anyone familiar with this thing that could help me get started?

    Reading through the manual, it looks like I can change amp models, cabinet models (I'm still not sure what a cabinet really is), and I can also change all the values within presets like Chorus, delay, reverb, etc. (haven't learned this all yet). What kind of amp names should I be looking for, and what kind of settings should I be aiming for? I'm trying to get that THP sound, since it's really easy to play, and LP is the only music I really listen to with heavy distorted guitars.

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