Fort Minor: September 2, 2015 - Berlin, Germany

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    Germany gets their third Fort Minor show and Berlin gets their first!

    In 2005 the Fort Minor crew stopped by Germany twice, Hohenfelden in August and Hamburg in November. At the first stop they only played an eight song set, with only two songs from the soon-to-be released album. Those songs were Remember The Name and Petrified. They also threw in There They Go from the special edition of the album and Dolla from the We Major Mixtape. In the set the songs It's Goin Down, Enth E Nd, Mr. Brown and the Fort Minor Medley also appeared. Mr. Brown is a Styles of Beyond song and the Fort Minor Medley is.. well a medley. This was their standard set for the start of the promotional tour for The Rising Tied. Later on, on their stop in Hohenfelden they had added five more songs. Those were In Stereo, Believe Me, Feel Like Home, Red To Black, a shortened version of Numb/Encore and High Road. Not many videos of these shows exist, but we do have a nice video of Remember The Name opening the set at the Hohenfelden show, enjoy that here below.

    The last Fort Minor was in Copenhagen, Denmark and it was a pretty damn good performance. I would know, I was there. And before I get into recapping the show I wanna give a thanks to the people that I met before the show and hung out with afterwards, you people were awesome as well! Anyway.. The show took place at Pumpehuset, a venue that Mike previously performed at in 2001 with Linkin Park. The set was essentially the same as the previous show at The Exchange, with some minor tweaks. Mike took an encore break between Believe Me and Welcome. Can't say I blame him, there was no ventilation in the venue and it would not have surprised me if someone had collapsed from heatstroke. This was a very intimate show with not a large audience, so Mike talked to the crowd plenty between the songs, telling the origins of some songs and the whole Fort Minor project. But instead of me telling you all this, you can watch a recording of it! The whole show was filmed and thankfully uploaded to YouTube for us all to enjoy. You can watch it here below.

    I was standing next to the camera the whole show, sorry about that voice

    So what can be expected from this show in Berlin? Well, a lot actually. In preparation of his double performance at Rock im Sektor and not wanting to play Welcome and Remember The Name in both sets, Mike tweeted out that he wanted fans to vote on a song to be added to the set, then linking to a poll. The winner of the poll was High Voltage. Mike being Mike though, he couldn't just say "Thanks people, adding High Voltage to the set!". No, this is what he had to say:
    So what can this mean? Is he adding High Voltage? Is he adding it and remixing it? Making a medley out of some of the songs from the poll? Only time will tell, because Mike sure won't.

    After this Fort Minor has a set at Rock im Sektor on the 5th and after that a performance will take place in London on the 8th.

    Are you attending this show? What will Mike add to the set? Did you enjoy that recording of the Copenhagen set? Come and discuss in our forums.

    Remaining tour dates:
    9/3 Berlin, Germany, Stadion An der Alten Forsterei - Linkin Park
    9/5 Dusseldorf, Germany, Rock Im Sektor
    9/6 Rome, Italy, Rock In Roma - Linkin Park
    9/8 London, England, Scala
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