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    So, I just saw a song on Youtube I first heard around the time I first joined this forum, if not a few months before. The song now has less than 200 views and it's still extremely rare and even unknown about to the majority of the artists fan base. The song was only available on a Green 7" Vinyl Compilation called 3,2,1 Action! that was published by Pocket Protector Records in 1996.

    The song I'm talking about is called "Red" and is by James Mercers' precursor band to the Shins "Flake Music"
    Before today I have only heard that song a total of about 3 times even though I have been looking for it both in auction (it's always sold!) and digitally on and off for years.

    Another song is by an even earlier precursor to James Mercers' Flake Music was their earlier name "Flake" who performed a cover of The Outfields' "Your Love", on a 7" Vinyl compilation called "Been There Done That" published by indie label Science Project.

    I have only heard this recording once, in 2009, and never again because my HDD had crashed and I couldn't recover the files.

    They also covered Hot For Teacher by Van Helen but I have never personally heard it.

    As for songs by other bands I remember circa 2006/2007 I heard a Japanese cover of some popular English song which I can't quite recall the name of on the official Myspace page of Los Angeles based Japanese indie rock band Lemon Drop Kick. I've not been able to find any source it ever existed and frankly it makes me feel like I've lost my mind. I remember it said it was a Japanese cover, I wanna say it was "Forever Young" but that doesn't seem right at all to me.

    Pictureboard notwithstanding, what are some other exceedingly rare songs that probably <1000 people have heard of? Let's keep it to songs that are actually on physical media that people apart from the artists who performed them or labels published them have heard.
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